Supporting Highland businesses with the effective use
of Digital Marketing, IT and Software

Digital Marketing

The complete range of digital marketing services, including Website Design, Optimisation, Advertising and Hosting.

Digital Marketing

IT Support & Services

Your local IT support provider and technology experts, providing dedicated support to businesses without an in-house IT team.

IT Support

Software Development

Designers and programmers of user focused software applications and digital-first online services for desktop, mobile and the web.

Software Development

Digital Marketing

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Website Design

Engage with your customers, suppliers and partners through effective website design, content, media and online services.


Improve the visibility of your brand and engagement with your target audience through better optimisation of your online presence.


Make your website load quickly and ensure your website is always available through reliable and cost effective hosting services.


Promote your business to a wider audience through pay-per-click advertising on search engines, social media and online networks.

IT Support Services

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Support & Advice

Providers of pay-as-you-go or contract IT helpdesk support, and responsive on-site IT support to businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wi-Fi & Networks

Specialists in the design and installation of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, and small to large scale networks.

Hardware & Software

Experts in the specification, supply and installation of the latest hardware and software to ensure your business benefits from the latest technologies.


Taking the confusion and concerns from IT security with a robust approach to cyber security, backups and data protection.

Software Development Services

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Software & App Design

Designers of software, apps and tools which make users more productive and have the potential to save your business time and money.

Scripts & Macros

Automate any repetitive processes on desktop, in applications or on the web, through the creation of scheduled scripts or macros.


Architects of highly efficient and performance optimised databases which sit behind apps or exist stand-alone, and experts in database migration.

Support & Maintenance

Taking responsibility of support and maintenance of custom-designed software, apps, tools, legacy software and databases without cover.